Couple & Family Counseling

Couple-and-Family-CounselingMarriage and family relationships present unique challenges. GrowthSpirit Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Boyd believes that a focused effort on repairing the couple’s relationship first is vital to successful family relationships.

Dr. Boyd utilizes a proven assessment process that helps couples grow more quickly. This unique strategy for working with couples involves a three phase research based assessment and intervention process designed to restore intimacy and repair injuries in your marriage. The assessment process allows couples to see the patterns that are weakening their relationship and find hope for repairing their marriage. Couples who complete this process have outstanding and long lasting results and are well positioned to improve their family relationships.

When your relationships are in jeopardy you want to work with specialists who are trained and experienced in family counseling & strengthening family dynamics. The licensed clinicians at GrowthSpirit have completed graduate studies in Marriage and Family Therapy and operate from a family systems perspective to help families achieve harmony.

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Financial intimacy
  • Sexual intimacy / Infidelity
  • Role relationship
  • Parenting
  • Spiritual intimacy
  • Court ordered custody evaluations
  • Assessment and evaluation for adults and children
  • Premarital couples counseling


Mediation through Collaborative Law for Couples
Collaborative law is a team approach to assisting couples as they dissolve their marriage. This team includes a family relations specialist / coach, divorce lawyer(s) and a financial specialist. GrowthSpirit executive director, Dr. Stephen Boyd, is a family relationships specialist who works as part of the collaborative law team. He is trained in divorce mediation and will help ensure the process is effective and satisfactory for all parties.

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