Couple Assessment Process

Couple’s Assessment is a 3-phase process that begins by taking 3 assessment instruments. After taking the assessments, phase 1 begins and is one session that works on communication as it relates to your personality, similarities, and differences. Next is phase 2, in which the couple has individual sessions to work on the parts of their personality that interfere with their spousal relationship. The last step is phase 3, where as a couple communication occurs with each other on what pattern was identified in phase 2 that is interfering in the relationship. The couple will work on being able to choose individually how to stay out of patterns that injure one another. Phase 3 sessions continue with identifying and repairing low intimacy areas where specific work is needed to repair the relationship. This process is followed through phase 3 until the low intimacy areas have been repaired.

Based on experience with couples over the last 25 years, the couples that complete the process through phase 3 restore their ability to communicate and repair conflict areas so that they can experience intimacy, fondness and closeness.

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