Growth Coaching for Leaders

Are you a leader for a business or organization? Do you feel like, as that leader, there is something more you can do for the people who are following you? Growth coaching for leaders helps you do all of that and more. Through this process we will help you grow into your leadership position and be the best leader you can be by partnering with you and being a person of support to help you create new ideas or new ways to help the company go forward or progress in a way that you see fit. All of this happens by focusing on the growth areas of the president or the leaders of the business/team which in turn helps the overall business or group. We use testing to measure emotional intelligence and personality factors to pinpoint growth areas of the leaders within the organization.

Have you ever envisioned a dream manager or being one? Another aspect of the Growth Coaching for Leaders focuses on the leaders dreams for the business, personal life, and professional life to more positively affect the company.

Seminars are also offered by the GrowthSpirit Counseling Centers for the employees of a business on different aspects such as: conflict resolution, communication skills, and different team building exercises. We include assessments for emotional intelligence within teams through team reports that measure how the team works together emotionally within their group.

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