IDAK Career Match

The IDAK Career Match Assessment System takes your interests, values and natural talents and matches them to over 90,000 career options.

IDAK Career Match is a premier assessment and career matching instrument. It has been recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive and in-depth system. Career Match evaluates aptitudes in three distinct areas; interests, values and natural talents. Most other systems evaluate on only one or two of these aptitude categories. These aptitudes are then cross-matched against more than 90,000 career options. The top ten matches are featured, including organization descriptions as well as recommended job titles within those organizations. The results are pre-coded to facilitate a link to an exhaustive list of compatible names of companies and organizations in your city. This data is updated on a weekly basis.

Dr. Boyd is one of only 12 preferred counselors in the USA selected by the IDAK founder to administer this assessment.

Read Dr. Boyd’s IDAK Profile as a Preferred Counselor

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