About Dr. Boyd

Counselor Considered a “Growth Coach” by some, a “Spiritual Director” by others, Dr. Stephen J. Boyd Ph.D, D.Min. is a licensed professional with over 35 years experience.

Dr. Boyd believes that everyone is gifted with natural talents by God and that there is a plan for your life that will lead to peace and fulfillment.

Dr. Boyd’s breadth of training is significant. His licensure includes:

  • LPCC-S Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor – Supervising Clinical Counselor (OH)

Dr. Boyd’s board certification indicate areas that he has added to his training and is particularly passionate about including:

  • AAMFT Clinical Fellow of American Association for Marriage and Family Therapist
  • FAAPC Fellow American Association of Pastoral Counselors
  • DAPA Diplomate American Psychotherapy Association
  • DAAFE Diplomate American Association of Forensic Examiners

His accomplishments include:

  • Founding GrowthSpirit Counseling Centers and Wellness
  • Creating an exclusive spiritual growth measuring tool for Spiritual Intelligence
  • Developing Brief Focused course content for listening, rational thinking and team building seminars for organizations
  • Developed an Assessment Process that helps individuals grow more quickly
  • Educating the students of the Union Institute and University as an adjunct professor
  • Lecturing at Miami University of Ohio for the Psychology Program and The Anthenaeum of Ohio for Seminarians
  • Developed and delivered seminars on “Balance or Burnout – It’s a Matter of Margin” for the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, also a second seminar on Spiritual Intelligence

Born and Raised in Cincinnati, Dr. Boyd has been married for 32 years, he has an adult son, and two cats.